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The long walk home

Sometimes we walk alone after the end of the day. Critically, nighttime and city lights along with subjects walking away can convey a sense of ending.


It is interesting to consider what the sign means to the people looking at the sign, the person taking the picture who will have to buy things for…

Shape of love

The heart shape has a long history and associations in our popular culture, media and digital interfaces to name a few.

Beware of squirrels

It’s not just the big animals you need to watch out for. Sometimes even the cute little ones can be dangerous.

Beware of squirrels

This sign is at Deer Lake in Burnaby.

Marie Bartlett

Marie 2.0

Depth of field generated by software manipulation “in camera”

Technologically aided viewing of famous art

This is a typical environment for viewing famous art such as van Gogh’s Starry Night at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. People experience the painting through cameras,…

Thai Restaurant featuring wall mural of Hokusai’s woodblock print ‘Great Wave off Kanagowa’

This Thai restaurant on the lower east side of Manhattan appropriates the image of Hokusai’s famous print for the back wall. This provides an easily recognizable art historical…

Advertisement for watch on decaying wall, Berlin

Ironic juxtaposition of large clean advertisement for a watch on a crumbling wall along a side street in central Berlin